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All ages. All skin types. There’s an Obagi for everyone.
“Obagi for Life” is our commitment to you and a lifetime of beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Our role as a leader in skin health is based on a belief that regardless of your age or skin type, there truly is an Obagi for everyone.

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PCA SKIN has been and continues to be a trusted industry leader in the development of gentle, yet highly effective professional treatments and daily care products for over two decades.

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Epionce strengthens your skin’s own mechanisms, helping to improve function, restore the barrier and reverse destructive skin inflammation. This results in a stronger healthier barrier that can help defy the effects of aging and disease giving you smoother, more radiant skin that functions at its optimum.

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Look who’s growing Longer, Fuller, Darker Lashes. Latisse is the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment for inadequate or not enough eyelashes. LATISSE® is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough lashes) to grow eyelashes longer, fuller, darker.

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Youngblood is the premier mineral cosmetic line available, because of the luxury formulation, ideal milling process, and chic, upscale image and packaging. Clean and lightweight, it allows your skin to breathe and is non-comedogenic (it won’t block pores or cause irritation).

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Liquid Smile, the first and only professional whitening pen, offers consumers convenient, professional and affordable teeth whitening. Liquid Smile is easy to apply, takes less than one minute, contains the most powerful dosage of hydrogen peroxide (12%) of any paint-on whitener, and fits into your evening routine of brushing before bedtime.

I have used the PCA Skin care line for over 10 years. I’ve always had “problem” skin, I first came to Kim in I believe 2005 wanting some help, advice and treatment suggestions. She recommended the PCA Skin line and also the Youngblood cosmetics line. Along with this I was given a few peels and was incredibly pleased with the results. Since that time I have been loyal to those two lines and my skin has been great except for an occasional breakout. Fast forward 10 years….I live a few miles out and discovered I could order my products on line from various vendors. Not much of a savings but the convenience was great! First time-no problem, second time not so lucky. It seemed like everything I put on my face felt caustic and I was having even more problems when out in the heat and sweating. Finally decided to get back in with Kim & try to figure out what was going on. After looking at my skin and asking numerous questions she asked where I’d been getting my products. Seems that was the problem, packaging was identical, product was not! PCA had some problems with poor quality products being sold on line in copycat packaging. So that being said I replaced all of my online products with ones from Kim. I could tell after the first use that this was the product I was used to. The others had no strange odor or color so it never entered my mind that they were the problem. So my skin has calmed down and I’ve been able to start back up with the peels. I’m so happy I went in and I so appreciated the advice. Thanks Kim….